Lincolnshire Young Voices

A case study on the Lincolnshire Young Voices strategic participation group.

  • Theme: Co-productive working with young people and parent/carers
  • Strength: Good
  • Breadth of Impact: Good
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Established in 2017, Lincolnshire Young Voices (LYV) is a strategic participation group that aims to harness the voice and direct experiences of young people with SEND. LYV aims to influence and improve support and services for other young people with SEND, and provide its members with positive experiences that will build confidence, social networks, skills and experiences of work that they can take into adult life.

The SEND Effective Practice Evidence Framework considers that the “strength of evidence” of this case study is good – LYV has been running for over five years, with its delivery plans and specific thematic reports published online and shared with Directors, Heads of Service, and Elected Council members. LYV’s work has also had the external validation of having won the nasen (National Association for Special Educational Needs) award for co-production in 2022. The “breadth of impact” of this case study is also good – there is evidence relating to lived experiences and long-term outcomes of young people, and positive feedback from professionals.