A call for literature review topics relating to special educational needs and disabilities

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Emma Mitra

In the first year of the What Works in SEND programme, the evidence review team conducted a broad review to understand what the existing literature says about how to support SEND service improvement. In the second year, we are required by the Department for Education (DfE) to deliver longer (6 months) or shorter (3 months) academic literature reviews. We would like to conduct more targeted literature searches on topics that are relevant to those who receive and provide SEND services. Therefore, we are keen to elicit advice from those with a good understanding of service delivery on the ground. The literature reviews could focus upon discrete interventions, such as determining the effectiveness of Alternative Provision, or more discrete topics, such as leadership for SEND service improvement for example.

We would really appreciate your suggestions, which we would take forward to discuss with DfE.

Please email your suggestions to: whatworks-send@ncb.org.uk