Effective Practice Evidence Framework: further details about how to submit a case study

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We are currently interested in hearing about examples of effective practice relating to the following four areas:  

  1. Co-production and communications with parents / carers and young people. 
  1. Leadership, governance and partnership working – shared vision, effective data and self-evaluation to inform planning, communications, commissioning, impact. 
  2. Strengthening the quality of planning – of statutory assessments, plans and annual reviews. 
  3. Strengthening inclusion and inclusive practice in mainstream education. 

If you know of an example of effective practice that you think would meet our evidence standards, please submit a 500-word expression of interest detailing the example of good practice, the aim of the work and its impact. When considering if your effective practice example meets our evidence standards, you may find our practical guide to thinking about evaluating SEND projects helpful. 

If there are other areas of effective practice you would like to see feature in our collection of case studies, please email us at: whatworks-send@ncb.org.uk